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Essential Conditions for a Company’s Success



company’s success

Do you want more clients? The answer is definitely, yes!

So, let’s have a look at the problem. Your company has been at the market for a long time and it is quite successful. You offer a unique selling proposition to your clients. But many company owners forget that there are other important factors that influence the number of sales.

You can be absolutely sure that your products and services are the best at the market considering price and quality. Nevertheless, other companies that offer similar services at higher price are more successful. Here are some recommendations that companies should take into consideration if they want their business to be prosperous.

Influencing the audience

Your company should always be visible. Advertisement has always been and will be a motor of commerce. In order for people to use your services, the name of your company should be the first thing that comes to mind when someone wants, for example, to order a car. It should be short but powerful phrase that will immediately capture a client’s attention and lead to action. Work on brand recognition. Remind about yourself as often as possible in the internet – nowadays this is the most effective platform for brand promotion. And of course, every advertisement of your services should be positive.

Presentation of your company

People get the most powerful impression of your company when they see your advertisement or site for the first time or when they download your app. Your product should be unique and outstanding. Get your visitors interested not only by the product itself but by its presentation. Presentation is as important for clients’ attraction as the quality of your services.

Who is talking about you

Seek the support and positive reviews about your company from key influential people in your sphere. Comments about you from famous bloggers, workers of arts, show business representatives and positive reviews in social networks – all these factors are a big support for a business.

Be closer to your clients

When you offer services to passengers you should think as passengers. You need to employ professional managers that will be able to explain to your clients all the advantages of your company. Clients like attentive managers that are interested in people and not only in fast sales.

Consult with your clients

The world is changing every day and this is not news. As time passes every business needs to be improved. Don’t be afraid to implement something new, just don’t forget to make analysis and talk to your clients before doing it. By the way, clients really like to participate in marketing surveys about the quality of services or future promotions.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that quality of services are a big part of business, but you shouldn’t forget about above-mentioned factors too.

Business strategies

What Is gtag.js with Google Analytics and Do I Need It?





In the recent past Google Analytics tracking code has completely changed. This article would help to make things clear and figure out the main features of gtag.js.

In the contrast to different versions of JavaScript library, the “Global Site Tag” is designed to simplify and streamline website tagging for all Google products.

This transformation is destined to websites that are using on-page tracking code and the main goal is to have one centralized script tag that transfers data to all Google marketing and analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Usage of gtag.js provides the opportunity for loading the existing analytics.js library, along with other libraries depending on customized tools.

It’s important to mention that using gtag.js is not necessary if you are already using Google Tag Manager. However, if you have to use on-page code, gtag.js is exactly for that case.

Let’s see how it works with practical case. For example, we take a typical website with the following installed:

  • Google Analytics pageview tracking code on every page
  • Google Analytics event tracking for certain interactions of interest
  • Google Analytics ecommerce tracking for purchases, checkout steps, and more
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking for purchases or lead form completions
  • Google AdWords remarketing tags for building audiences in AdWords

That’s five different script tags.

gtag.js makes this easier by:

  • keeping many of the tags for Google products in one place in your code
  • simplifying installation and integration of all your Google products
  • sending data to multiple tools at once instead of engaging separate tags

The gtag.js code would be placed on each page of your website.

config is a command that pulls in the matching library for the chosen product.

The config command will look after some basic set-ups such as launching a pageview hit for Google Analytics or a remarketing hit for AdWords. You can prevent this default actions by editing the config line.

The information about other changes in the way of setting up event tracking, ecommerce, cross-domain tracking, etc. for Google Analytics and conversion tracking for AdWords can be found in the documentation for gtag.js for Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

We suggest to use the following chart to realize the necessity of using gtag.js:

  • Adding Tracking to a New Website. We recommend using GTM. If you need on-page code, then you should consider the gtag.js instructions. This will load the latest version of Google Analytics (Universal).
  • Google Analytics Currently On Your Site. If you are using GTM, don’t change anything. We still prefer Google Tag Manager and suppose GTM is the way to go because of providing far greater flexibility in comparison to on-page code.
  • Universal Analytics (anlytics.js) without GTM. The analytics.js library is not going anywhere, and gtag.js is loading in this library anyway – so it will offer the same exact functionality with just a different style of implementation. If you feel you could benefit from the gtag.js style of implementation, start planning the switch.
  • Classic Analytics (ga.js) without GTM. It’s time to upgrade to Universal Analytics, so you might as well do so through following the gtag.js implementation instructions.

Remember: If you are currently using on-page analytics.js, there is no need to rush into migrating to gtag.js. The amount of work it will take to do depends on your implementation. Also, you can still install analytics.js if you need to.

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Business strategies

Railroad for goods’ delivery




railroad for goods’ delivery

For many years the New York railways did not participate in the dramas unfolding in the state. But now everything has changed. The railway is preparing to deliver goods to the crowded megapolises. This will relieve traffic on the roads, and this is a more environmentally friendly way.

All goods, from food to retail products, are exported by trucks – approximately 12.6 million trucks are involved. Knowing this figure it is clear why the intention to unload roads of the state does not lead to anything. Apart from trucks, there are many other commercial vehicles such as Uber and the like. If you put all these numbers together it is clearly visible that the struggle for improvement of the transit system is at its peak.

And if we calculate how much trucks harm the environment, it becomes unclear why we did not turn to railroads earlier. It is also planned to increase cargo by 40% next year, which will give a good impetus to search for an alternative cargo delivery. Most cities already receive about 20% of goods through railroads while in New York it is only 2%.

Economic development corporation is preparing a plan for investing in the railway. The administration began the study with the cost of $23.7 million to find out all the aspects of the possible modernization and extension of the railway. Of course, everything is not so simple because in many ways railroads cross paths with MTA and this might bring a lot of difficulties in the future program. There are many details that will have to be thought through before the beginning of the main phase of work. Nevertheless, this is the necessary step in achieving the goals.


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Business strategies

7 ways to make your working day enjoyable




working day enjoyable

If at the beginning of your working day you already feel tired and dream about going home read this article. Here are 7 ways to make your working day fun and enjoyable.

  1. My work-table is my castle

The first thing you see when you come to work is your workplace. Your working mood depends a lot on how your workplace looks. Have some personal things on your table: photos of your loved ones or some souvenir that is memorable and will make you smile. Replace the standard desktop wallpaper with something personal. Even office supplies can be fun, e.g. stickers of your favorite colors. All these little details create your working mood so don’t neglect them.

  1. Time management saves not only time, but also your nerves

Time management is not only a system of effective use of time, but also a keeper of your mood and emotions. When it seems that time runs away like sand through your fingers it doesn’t give you strength or energy. Try to plan your day: any amount of work can be structured, streamlined and prioritized. When you see what you can do and how to do it, then it will be easier for you to cope with any amount of work. Psychologists advise to plan the most unpleasant tasks and assignments for the first half of the day, and reward your patience and perseverance with more pleasant tasks in the afternoon.

  1. Team spirit is a key to success

There is no doubt that atmosphere in the team influences us a lot: the psychological environment we work in is very important. Of course, not everyone will like you, but it is necessary to try to be neutral with colleagues and resolve all conflicts diplomatically. The ideal situation is when colleagues are not just a group of people working on the same project, but also a team. Talk to your colleagues, be interested in their hobbies and families. Spend some time together after work. This will affect your productivity as a team.

  1. Lunch break is not only for lunch

Use your lunch break not only for eating but for resting with a cup of tea or coffee. Get away from your working environment: take a walk, get some fresh air or read a book.

  1. Let there be light!

Lack of light provokes the development of melatonin – the “sleep hormone”, one of the biochemical substances that regulate the biorhythms of living organisms. Simply put, if the office is not light enough, you become sluggish, sleepy and weak. In autumn and winter seasons when daylight is not enough use an additional desk lamp.

  1. Work hard and play hard too

You can apply the method of a carrot and a stick to your work. Give yourself bonuses for a successfully performed work. Find motivation even when performing minor tasks. For example, “I will finish this report and then eat something delicious”, “If I execute the plan for the day I’ll watch my favorite movie in the evening”. Remember that work is a means to achieve your goal. And from this point of view when you do your job every day you are getting closer to your professional success.

  1. Enjoy life

Remember that work is only a part of our life. Let your life outside of work be bright and active. Your working day will go smoother and will be more enjoyable if you know that after that you will attend a yoga class or a concert of your favorite band, or have a romantic evening.

Smile more often and remember: everything is in your hands. Have a nice working day!


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