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New York Set for Game Changing Automotive Industry Conference



automotive industry conference new york

The business of buying and selling cars has always been competitive, but in the age of digital disruption, dealers need to be more innovative and strategic than ever before.

The inaugural Automotive Game Changers Conference on December 3, at the Huntington Hilton in New York, aims to equip dealership owners and managers with the latest skills and strategies to excel in the digital world.

Presented by El Patronn, aka Rudi T of Brooklyn Mitsubishi, the event will bring together speakers from the forefront of the automotive and technology industries to show how these two worlds can make big sense and big sales when they come together.

As owner/partner of Mitsubishi Brooklyn with 15 years industry experience, El Patronn has sold over 36 000 vehicles and earned a reputation in the New York industry as a game changer. Working as a consultant and speaker, he helps to educate dealers on the importance of digital marketing for sales, even starting a successful Youtube channel, the El Patronn Show, where he shares his knowledge and advice.

“A year ago, I went to a seminar that changed my life,” says El Patronn, “Now, I am running my own conference so I can share with others how I experienced a 248% increase in sales where I went from selling less than two hundred cars to almost four hundred in one month. I will be joined by my inner circle of experts and vendors that have gotten behind my massive success and you will be able to learn how we went about creating this incredible transformation.”

Expert speakers will also include Max Zanan, best-selling author of Perfect Dealership: Surviving The Digital Disruption – Amazon’s top-ranked automotive management book, Jason Geras, automotive entrepreneur and creator of the Next Sale app, and digital marketing expert Paul Getter, aka The Internet Marketing NERD.

No other panel of experts is better positioned to help dealers and salespeople in the automotive industry to evolve.

Max Zanan is recognized across the industry as a preeminent voice leading the charge for modernization of the auto retail industry.

“We are witnessing a tectonic shift in automotive retail because of the change in consumer buying habits, online disrupters, and greater focus on convenience, transparency, and customer service,” he says, “To compound this problem most consumers do not like the buying process currently taking place in the showrooms across the country. I will address the necessary steps each department needs to take in order to survive the digital disruption. We will examine the inner workings of Sales, BDC, F&I, HR, IT, and Fixed Ops departments and spell out the best practices for each department.”

Jason Jeras’ innovative Next Sale app has been revolutionizing the industry by streamlining the review process.

“This app was the result of MANY years of car sales experience by myself,” says Jason Geras – Founder of Geras Associates, “I was extremely successful in sales, took my best techniques for success, and built them into this app. This app makes use of the biggest resource you have to advertise and promote your store. Next Sale allows your entire team to utilize the most effective form of advertising to promote your store, and ask for the Next Sale – Referral advertising.”

In just nine short years, Paul Getter become one of the most sought after marketing experts in the world, spending MILLIONS per month online for his clients, who include high profile names like Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Les Brown, Anik Singal, Lewis Howes, Tim Storey, Kevin Harrington, Neil Patel, and Bob Proctor.

“The investment of a ticket is less than one sale, but the opportunity to join us at the Automotive Game Changer Conference is priceless,” says El Patronn, “What if in one year everything could change for you too?”

Automotive Game Changer Conferece

Date: December 3rd, 2018
Venue: Huntington Hilton in New York
Time: 8am – 7pm
Tickets are limited and selling fast:

Regular ticket: $249.00
VIP ticket: $497
Visit to purchase tickets.
Tickets include breakfast, lunch and after event networking.


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Couple arrested in fatal 2016 attack on Long Island woman




couple arrested in fatal 2016

A former New York City correction officer and his 21-year-old girlfriend have been charged in the fatal beating of the woman’s mother on Long Island.

Nassau County police say 27-year-old Ralph Keppler and 21-year-old Francesca Kiel, both of Lynbrook, were arrested Sunday on murder charges.

Police say the victim, 56-year-old Theresa Kiel, was brutally attacked and struck in the face with a metal barbell at her apartment in Long Beach in December of 2016. She lost and eye and remained in a vegetative state until she died this Saturday.
Prosecutors had alleged the motive to be a business dispute.

Keppler had been charged back in January with attempted murder and assault and was out on bail. His lawyer says he’s innocent.

Information on Francesca Kiel’s lawyer wasn’t immediately available. Both Defendants were scheduled to be arraigned on Monday in First District Court in Hempstead.


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Woman Beaten in Subway Station by Man Yelling Racially Charged Words: Family, Police




woman beaten in subway

A woman was punched and stabbed when she got off the subway in Brooklyn by a man yelling racially charged words, her family and police said.

The victim, 57-year-old Ann Marie Washington, was hospitalized Sunday after having surgery for a collapsed lung due to the stabbing, her family told NBC 4 New York.

Washington, a mother of two, was on her way home from work Friday evening and had just stepped off the subway at the Church Avenue stop in Brooklyn when she was attacked, advocates said.

The man, who was white, punched her in the mouth and stabbed her in the chest while calling her a “black b—-,” advocates said. Washington, who is black, is a native of Trinidad.
The attacker fled on a Q train, police said. The victim said he appeared to be in his early 30s, about 5-feet, 3-inches tall, and wearing grey and black sweatpants and a black hooded sweatshirt.

Police didn’t initially call the attack a hate crime, leading to outrage from neighborhood advocates who held a news conference Sunday.

“If this was a white resident, a new gentrifier to this neighborhood, there would be swarms of cops here,” said Imani Henry of Equality for Flatbush. “But when it is a black person who is attacked by a white racist, there isn’t anything.”
Afterward, the NYPD said its Hate Crimes Taskforce would look into it. Police said they didn’t have all the details at the time the crime was reported.

Washington didn’t realize she had been stabbed until she got home, advocates said. Even then, she thought she had been scratched in the chest until she woke up the next morning, said Kenzia Bernard Nau, a witness and a neighborhood advocate.

Advocates said witnesses shot video and there should be surveillance video of the suspect, but police haven’t released it.
“The fact that the video isn’t out right now, this is completely insane,” Bernard Nau said. “This is going to keep happening.”


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It’s back: NYC’s rare Mandarin duck makes grand return to Central Park




mandarin duck

The Mandarin duck that has caused crowds of people from around the world to flock to Central Park has made its grand return after a brief disappearance.

The duck, native to Asia, was first spotted in the Central Park Pond at 60th Street and 5th Avenue on Oct. 10. Tourists and New Yorkers alike couldn’t resist the urge to see the bird for themselves and headed to the park in search of the rare bird.

After making appearances at multiple bodies of water in the area, some cried “fowl play” when the bird seemed to suddenly disappear earlier this week.

The NYC Parks Department released the following statement:

“While we are not tracking the Mandarin duck, we’ve noted that he’s appeared healthy and has regularly moved between water bodies in Central Park. We don’t know his exact location at this time. Almost all ducks migrate seasonally. While we’re happy to have had him visit our parks, it’s important to remember that at some point he may leave New York for warmer temperatures.”

As long as the duck doesn’t appear injured or in need of care, rangers will not make an attempt to capture it.

“While it’s exciting to spot such a rare bird in NYC’s backyard, like every other celebrity sighting, New Yorkers should know to give him space and not to disturb him,” Deputy Director of the Urban Park Rangers John McCoy said.

It remains a mystery how exactly the duck ended up in Central Park. There has been some speculation he may have formerly been a pet, but he has since effortlessly been adopted into the park’s urban flock.

By Thursday afternoon, social media was abuzz with the bird’s return to its home base in the park.


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