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The 10 movies coming to Netflix in July that are worth watching




There are tons of movies to choose from on Netflix — but they aren’t all great, or even good. So we have highlighted the ones worth your time that are coming to the streaming service this month.

July 4th is the launch of season 3 of “Stranger Things,” so your holiday weekend is set. But after that, there is an impressive lineup of movies to watch on the streaming giant. From comedies like “Caddyshack” and “The Hangover,” to family fare like “Mary Poppins Returns.” And there’s also classic work from Martin Scorsese.

See below the 10 movies coming to Netflix this month we think you should check out:

“Caddyshack” (Available July 1)
This classic comedy is still as hilarious and provocative as when it was released in 1980. Chevy Chase and Bill Murray are at their comedy zenith and Rodney Dangerfield steals every scene he’s in. (For those brave enough, the awful “Caddyshack II” is also available on Netflix.)

“Frozen River” (Available July 1)
If you are looking for a gritty indie, then select this movie. Melissa Leo gives a career-best performance (she was nominated for an Oscar) playing a mom who, while struggling to make ends meet, decides to earn extra cash by smuggling immigrants from Canada to the US across the frozen St. Lawrence River.

“The Hangover” (Available July 1)
Still one of the funniest party-hard movies ever made, it’s the movie that launched two bad sequels, but proved the comedy greatness of Zach Galifianakis and cemented the leading man status of Bradley Cooper.

“Mean Streets” (Available July 1)
The great thing about a big name director doing a movie for Netflix is it always seems their great works from the past show up on the service, too. Martin Scorsese is no different. Before Netflix gives us his latest movie, “The Irishman,” later this year, it is providing the movie that put him on the map: “Mean Streets.” It doesn’t just show Scorsese’s talent for telling New York gangster stories (or in this case, wannabe thugs), but displays the skills of actors he would go on to make into huge stars, like Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro. After this, also watch Scorsese’s narrative debut, “Who’s That Knocking at My Door?” and the movie he made after “Mean Streets,” “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” Both are also available on Netflix.

“Philadelphia” (Available July 1)
After years of only succeeding in comedic roles, Tom Hanks finally proved he could be a dramatic actor with this performance as a lawyer who is fired from his firm after it’s revealed he has HIV. Denzel Washington plays the lawyer willing to take on his wrongful termination case. Hanks’ performance earned him his first Oscar.

“Road House” (Available July 1)
One of the essential Patrick Swayze (and Sam Elliott) movies, here Swayze plays a bouncer who has to clean up one of the roughest bars in the country. It’s a movie filled with memorable quotes and lots of butt kicking.

“Taxi Driver” (Available July 1)
Another Scorsese classic for you. The first in what would become numerous collaborations with De Niro, the two put their heads together (with a script from Paul Schrader) to create a look at one man’s mental collapse while driving a taxi around New York City.

“Up in Smoke” (Available July 1)
If you need a good laugh, you can’t go wrong with Cheech and Chong. In the comedy duo’s first feature film they create a stoner classic.

“Mary Poppins Returns” (Available July 9)
Picking up decades after the classic 1964 Disney movie, Michael and Jane Banks are all grown up, but still need the help of their magical nanny (played by Emily Blunt) to get through life.

“Inglorious Basterds” (Available July 22)
This is essential Quentin Tarantino. The writer-director uses Nazi-occupied France as the setting for one of his best stories yet as he creates colorful characters and displays his love for cinema by setting the explosive finale inside a movie theater.


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Barbie Goes Glam Rock to Honor David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust




barbie ziggy stardust

BARBIE has been many things over the years. Now, she’s dressed as Ziggy Stardust.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of David Bowie’s iconic “Space Oddity,” Barbie overseers at Mattel released a collectible version of the doll dressed as Ziggy Stardust, one of his most beloved alter egos.

Barbie wears the metallic Ziggy space suit with red and blue stripes, flared shoulders and cherry red platform boots. Mattel spared no makeup, featuring the astral sphere smack in the middle of Ziggy Barbie’s forehead. The doll’s hair is fiery red.

The $50, limited edition doll was created in collaboration with The David Bowie Archive.

The beloved rocker died in 2016 after battling cancer. He was 69.


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Jennifer Lopez Forced to End New York City Concert Early Due to Massive Power Outage




jennifer lopez

The Big Apple went dark Saturday night, and for those at Madison Square Garden that meant no Jennifer Lopez.

The songstress had only just started her show when a massive power outage swept across New York City, spelling an early end to her show as the theater was evacuated.

Lopez took to Instagram to share a message with her fans and explain that the show had been canceled due to the unforeseeable circumstances.

“The power is out in NYC and at MSG. Heartbroken to say tonight’s show is cancelled. We will reschedule. Love you all!!! Stay safe!” Lopez captioned the clip.

“We had just started our show,” the singer explained in the video. “They’re asking everybody to evacuate, very slowly and calmly, and obviously that’s what were going to have to do.”
Lopez later posted a second message expressing her disappointment over not getting the chance to perform for her many excited fans.

“Devastated and heartbroken that I can’t perform for all of you tonight. We will make this up to you, I promise! I love you!!” Lopez shared.

Gayle King, who was in attendance at Lopez’s Madison Square Garden concert when the blackout occurred, shared two videos to her Instagram. The first showed a bit of the entertainer’s performance, and the second focused on the aftermath of the incident and the confused audience.

“Uhhh yeah so I actually made it to @jlo concert and then what had happened ‘wuz’ swipe left… now wondering the streets in an Uber trying to find a hotel room,” King captioned the slideshow. “My apt has NO power and I live on the 27th floor … funny thought my place had a back up generator …”

The arena later tweeted confirming the news of the cancellations and plans to reschedule.

“Due to power outage issues in parts of Manhattan, which included Madison Square Garden, tonight’s Jennifer Lopez show was forced to end early. We will follow up with tickets buyers to tonight’s show with more information as soon as we have it,” Madison Square Garden tweeted hours after the incident.

The black out, which police reportedly believe was started by a transformer fire, swept the west side of Manhattan and left over 73,000 people without power, according to NBC New York. Power is currently being restored, but many residents remain in the dark.

Coincidentally, the blackout occurred on the anniversary of the infamous 1977 New York City blackout, which led to mass chaos in the city.

Lopez’s show has been rescheduled for Monday, July 15 at 8 p.m. ET at Madison Square Garden.


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Protesters stage die-in at Washington Square Park amid recent increase in cyclist deaths




cyclist new york

Demonstrators staged a ‘die-in’ at a New York City park Tuesday night, following the recent increase in deaths of bicyclists in the city.

During the protest at Washington Square Park, there was a tense confrontation just outside the park between cyclists and the NYPD.

“This is the New York City police department,” was the message from a police loudspeaker. “You are unlawfully in the roadway obstructing traffic. You are ordered to leave the roadway and utilize the sidewalk.”

Cyclists rode down Fifth Avenue in protest, boiling mad after police used a squad car to box in a cyclist last week in the East Village.

Police said it was because that cyclist refused to pull over after officers said he blew through several red lights.

“Ride with us! Ride with us! I’m telling you one ride you guys will change your perspective!”, said one cyclist.

The cyclists who squared off with police were just a small faction of the hundreds of demonstrators who turned out to protest, staging a mass die-in.
They were angry at Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Department of Transportation, and police. 15 cyclists have been killed by vehicles so far this year, more than all of last year.

“Some people say there are too many people on bikes in New York,” one protester said. “We say there are too many cars. It is time to change how we build our streets.”

“There’s still an over sympathizing with car owners and attachment to car culture even within the NYPD at the highest levels,” said New York City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer.

“I’m looking to keep cyclists safe,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said Monday. “I don’t want anybody to walk away from this press conference thinking that’s not my primary concern. We’ve had 15 bicyclists killed so far this year. That’s a concern to me personally, that’s a concern to the NYPD.”

The mayor calls it a crisis, saying he is deeply worried about the fatalities and is vowing to do something different.

The protest was largely peaceful, with one cyclist arrested for disorderly conduct.

The Department of Transportation released the following statement:
“This year’s recent cyclist fatalities are senseless tragedies on our roads, and our thoughts are with all of the victims’ friends and family. We continue our Vision Zero efforts to engineer safer streets and add more bike lanes to our growing network, and details on the new cyclist safety plan we are working on will be released later this month. To date, we have already averaged over 20 miles of protected bike lanes a year for the last three years, more than any other administration.”

The DOT said the safety plan will include:
–New and expanded cycling infrastructure citywide that will further protect cyclists.
–New cycling-oriented policy changes, some of which will be pursued through state or city legislation.
–Increased public awareness and education programs that focus on cyclist safety, including aggressive outreach to truckers and industry partners.
–Further enhanced NYPD enforcement and work with the State on better truck enforcement.


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