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Water main break in York County repaired; boil water advisory still in effect until Friday



water main break

Several schools and colleges in York County canceled classes after a large water main break spilled millions of gallons of water Wednesday afternoon.

A boil water advisory remains in effect for most of York County.

“Due to a 24-inch water main break at the Rock Hill water filter plant on Cherry Road, we ask York County and municipal water customers to reduce water use as much as possible while crews work to isolate the problem,” the City of Rock Hill posted on Facebook.

City officials said the plant had to be shut down to repair what was later discovered to be a 20-inch cast iron pipe. The broken 20” pipe was repaired at about 1 a.m. Thursday morning, with the water plant coming fully online by 3 a.m.

“Customers should start seeing water service restored, although will experience very low water pressure at first. Throughout the day, as more water is produced to fill the distribution system, pressure will increase,” the City of Rock Hill said.

“We’ll pull samples from across the water service area to monitor water quality. The boil water advisory will be lifted once chlorine levels are stable,” the city added.

Schools in Fort Mill and Rock Hill will be closed on Thursday. Winthrop University canceled classes for Thursday and Friday.

“These interruptions in service will impact the use of restroom facilities and potable drinking water,” Fort Mill Schools announced. “York County Emergency Management has recommended that we close school facilities.”

Fort Mill Schools announced a makeup day for Friday, October 18.

Clinton College later announced its campus will be closed for Thursday and Friday.

“Students who cannot leave campus should check with residence hall directors for more information. Mid-term exams for Thurs. and Fri. will be rescheduled,” the college said.

York 1 Schools will also be closed on Thursday, and the Clover School District closed three schools that were not on a separate water system: Crowders Creek Elementary, Oakridge Elementary, and Oakridge Middle School.

Those schools will have an e-learning day to make up for the missed day on February 17.
The Town of Fort Mill announced closures and cancelations including:

  • Softball games being played Wednesday evening at Cherry Park in Rock Hill
  • Harris Street Park, Doby’s Bridge Park and Steele Street Park bathrooms
  • Parks and rec practices and games on Thursday

Residents and businesses near the water main break may be experiencing limited or no water service. Crews will work through the night to make repairs, officials said.

“The break has resulted in low water pressure and in some cases no water for customers,” the City of Rock Hill said.

“There is a boil water advisory now in effect for all water customers throughout York County, due to reduced water pressure resulting from the water main break at the Rock Hill water filter plant,” the city added.
“The advisory is in effect until further notice as a precaution. Instructions for purifying water by boiling are available on the SCDHEC website,” the city said.

The boil water advisory is in effect for Rock Hill, City of York, Tega Cay, Fort Mill, York County, and the Catawba Indian Nation. The Town of Clover has informed its residents that they should not be affected.

How to Purify Bacteria Contaminated Water by Boiling:

  • Bring water to a rolling boil and keep it there for at least 1 full minute. Then, let it cool before using.
  • Stop using appliances and equipment that use drinkable water, such as dishwashers, icemakers, tea brewers and coffee makers.
  • Use disposable paper, plastic or foam plates, cups, forks, etc.
  • Prepare food using water that has been boiled.
  • Wash hands with water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Wash, rinse and sanitize pots, pans and other equipment with water that has been boiled and cooled.
  • Brush your teeth with either boiled or bottled water.

Officials recommend not using the water to bathe until at least Thursday.

If you have questions about the water main break and how it affects you, York County has set up a hotline where you can get some answers.

The number is 803-325-2400. Once you’re connected, press option 1.

“City crews have been working diligently since this (Wednesday) afternoon to make repairs as safely and efficiently as possible. We thank our customers county-wide for your patience as we work to return to normal operations,” the City of Rock Hill said.

Because of the water main break, area businesses and families were scrambling to find fresh water.

“I only got three six-packs because there’s no need to go out and get 30 cases like a lot of people do,” said Mark Beckowitz.

Other shoppers weren’t so lucky.

“That’s what I’m doing out here right now trying to find water so we can brush our teeth, so we can cook. I even started cooking and I can’t even finish my meal,” said Ashley Douglas.

Students at Winthrop may have received an early start to fall break, but those still on campus had to worry about other issues.

“They’ve closed down all the bathrooms; you can’t use them even if they’re in your room. You can’t go; there’s signs everywhere,” said Anna Sharpe.


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Meet Narwhal, the Rescue Puppy with a Tail Growing out of His Forehead




puppy unicorn

There’s a 10-week-old puppy in Missouri with a tail growing out of his forehead.

Yes, his forehead. No, it doesn’t wag. And, appropriately, his name is Narwhal.

It’s me Narwhal!! I don’t understand what viral is but my foster mama said my story being viral helps ALL our special…

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Well, his full name is “Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn,” according to dog rescue nonprofit organization Mac’s Mission, which took him in after he was discovered last Saturday. He was found in the freezing cold, with what appears to be the beginnings of frostbite on one paw.

Unlike an actual narwhal whale, which has a protruding canine tooth that resembles a tusk, the tail on Narwhal’s forehead is short and stubby, sprouting right between his eyes — and flops from side to side when he plays. He has a normal tail, too, this one is just extra.

Workers at Mac’s Mission, which specializes in special needs dogs who had been abused or born with defects, say he’s recovering quickly, with the frostbite healing.

“He seems completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms he got meds for,” said the organization in a Facebook post.

Just another video of our narwhal the magical fuzzy unicorn puppy because we think he is amazing. (We are not accepting applications for him right now until we are very certain his unicorn horn is not going to have a growth spurt and become an issue) (no it does not wag) (yes he is keeping it) (yes he is amazingly awesome!!) Love,MacKeeperOfTheUnicorns

Posted by Mac the pitbull on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Vets took X-ray scans, which showed the tail isn’t connected to anything. It has no real use, as far as they can tell, but it also doesn’t cause him any pain, and there’s no medical reason to remove it — so the forehead tail is here to stay. “The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal, and he never slows down just like any normal puppy,” said the Facebook post.

He was found with another dog, which rescue workers speculate may be his father. This older dog, who has been named Poppa Smurf, is a Daschund Terrier mix — so they assume Narwhal may have some Daschund in him as well.

It’s not clear what happened to the two of them before they were discovered, but a spokesperson from Mac’s Mission told CNN Narwhal is from rural Missouri in the Midwest, and loves to play — and now, he has thousands of fans online, after his special tail catapulted him to internet fame.

The rush of the online attention has been “crazy,” the spokesperson, adding that the staff “feel like we’re in a dream.”

He’s not yet ready for adoption, Mac’s Mission said online — but that hasn’t stopped Narwhal’s fans from wanting to take him home. The organization has already received over 50 adoption applications for him, a spokesperson told CNN.

Narwhal will likely be listed for adoption once he’s older and has gone through more medical procedures like vaccinations. The staff says they also want to monitor his unicorn horn a little while longer to make sure it doesn’t grow or become a problem.

“Everyone is super interested in him,” the spokesperson said — but “we are hopeful they are seeing the other available dogs as well!”


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Missing Brooklyn Boy Scout, 13, found safe a week after he went missing




Brooklyn boy, 13, home safe after he goes missing for a week

BROOKLYN — Ade Prince, the 13-year-old Boy Scout and choir boy who didn’t come home from school a week ago, was found safe Monday night after a wild goose chase that started near a Flatbush apartment and ended near the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Some neighborhood kids saw a missing flyer posted in a park near P.S. 6 on Snyder Avenue and confronted a boy Prince was hanging around with in recent months.

Prince had left for his charter school a week ago and never came home.

His parents said although he was a loving and respectful son, he had started staying out late sometimes in the last eight months—and one time, disappeared for two days.

Prince is not a big 13 year old and looked younger than his years.

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Amazon Black Friday deals 2019: the best offers and discounts




black friday

Black Friday 2019 falls on Friday 29 November but, as with every year now, many of the best Black Friday deals have already started to appear. And when it comes to the size and duration of the Black Friday sales it’s hard to get bigger than Amazon.

Every year, Amazon breathlessly announces ahead of the sales event that THIS year will be its “biggest ever” event with thousands of discounts across products in its various departments.

For 2019, it’s making that “biggest ever” promise again, confirming that the 2019 Black Friday sale will run for eight days from 00:01 on Friday 22 November until 23:59 on Friday 29 November. We assume those days will also apply to Amazon sales in other countries.

Another Black Friday tradition is that Amazon offers a mix of multi-day discounts along with “Lightning Deals”, which are only available for a limited amount of time – or until the product sells out. This will happen again for 2019, and as happened last year, Amazon Prime members will get early access to the Black Friday 2019 Lightning Deals.

Prime members also get access to grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh while new for this year, Fresh on Demand means UK Prime members in select postcodes pay just £2.99 per delivery on orders over £40 (free for orders over £120), or they can subscribe to Fresh Add-On of £3.99 per month for unlimited free deliveries.

There are also more ways to shop this Black Friday, including AR View, Showroom and Discover. AR View lets you see products in your home before you buy using augmented reality technology. Showroom lets you virtually stage Amazon furnishings in 3D in a living room setting. And Discover lets you browse items and refine your selection based on your personal preferences.

Looking back to 2018, we know that the Black Friday sales period was a massive success for Amazon: the retailer says that Cyber Monday 2018 was the single biggest shopping day in the company’s history. In the US, over five popular shopping days starting with Thanksgiving on the Thursday and continuing through Cyber Monday, Amazon says it broke records as customers purchased “millions more products over the five day period vs. the same period last year.”

That record was then shattered by Amazon Prime Day 2019 in July when Prime members worldwide purchased more than 175 million items throughout Prime Day, making it the largest shopping event in Amazon history.

In the UK, Amazon tells us that in the first eight hours of Black Friday 2018 (00:01 – 08:00), customers were shopping at record levels, ordering more than 100,000 toys and 60,000 beauty products during this time.

For Black Friday 2019, Amazon is adhering to the above formula of multi-day discounts and Lightning Deals but promising “more great offers than ever.” (Well, it wouldn’t promise less.)


The Black Friday sale will run for eight days, starting at 00:01 on Friday 22 November and running until 23:59 on Friday 29 November. Presumably it will then turn into a Cyber Weekend / Cyber Monday sale for another few days.

This eight-day Black Friday sale follows the same pattern as last year: in 2018, Amazon kicked off its Black Friday Week Sale on Friday 16 November, a week ahead of Black Friday itself.

As well as the main Black Friday sale, it would not surprise us at all to see Amazon run some sort of ‘Countdown to Black Friday’ or ‘Early Black Friday Deals’ event starting on Friday 15 November, then the confirmed ‘Black Friday Week Sale’ starting on Friday 22 November, and then the big ‘Amazon Black Friday sale’ itself which will kick off at 1 minute past midnight on Friday 29 November 2019.

Once that sale is over, we’d expect the Cyber Monday sale to begin and run until midnight on Cyber Monday.

And then on the following Tuesday 3 December, it’s likely that Amazon will kick off its ‘Countdown To Christmas Sale’ which will feature a range of deals right up to midnight on Christmas Eve.

But of all these sales and mini sales, it’s likely that the BEST sale prices will fall in the four-day Black Friday to Cyber Monday period…


more info



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